"Our goal is not to be better than our competition, it is to be different."

    Destroy A Drum is a Texas based apparel company that speaks volumes for those with a daring, different, and distinctive personality. This is NOT the average clothing company that throws a drum set or pair of sticks on a shirt and makes the reader assume they are a drummer. Destroy A Drum represents a story behind each original idea and concept by keeping the onlooker guessing exactly what kind of person is wearing the brand and how does that apparel represent their passion. Our name stands for something that is much more than just drums. 

Destroy A Drum represents more than just drummers and percussionists by embodying all performers and artists with a passion and devotion for their craft and anything they pursue in life. The term "Destroy" relates to Destroying your current problems, objectives, and barriers in life so that you may prosper to become a better person. We see Destruction as beauty, not in the usual negative connotation because in order to create something new you must Destroy what came before. We strive to inspire everyone to accomplish their ambitions, and Destroy your objectives so you can pursue courageous dreams & discover more challenging goals that will define your purpose.

    We create products for anyone with a relentless desire and passion for perfection in what they aim to accomplish and create in life. The difference between Destroy A Drum Apparel and other brands is the concept of our name inspiring passion and motivation from within for everyone. Whether you are working out to live a healthier lifestyle, trying to live a better life, or playing drums till your hands bleed; while wearing Destroy A Drum Apparel you are constantly reminded of the reasons you are Destroying your current objectives or problems and striving for an improved life. No matter who you are or where you are from, Destroy A Drum supports every kind of passion & determination for happiness & success in life.

As a company, we thrive off of true heartfelt passion and carry that commitment into the creation of every single Destroy A Drum product. We dedicate ourselves into designing artistic, inspirational, and distinguished apparel that conveys our passion for drums and everyday things in life. No matter your passion, what kind of drums you play, or what kind of drummer you are; Destroy A Drum Apparel is made to bring us all together from around the world as a family of drummers and passion driven individuals striving to create and become more than who we were yesterday.    

We found a problem in the drum world and we plan on solving it for every single drummer and percussionist out there. When performing or practicing it seems that all drummers have their go to drum and cymbal brands of apparel. We as drummers are not represented by those brands we play, love, and support; we are represented by the rhythms and cadences we create. We are each individually different in ways that not one drummer will sound exactly the same as another.

No longer will drummers be represented by wearing a brand of drums or cymbals; we will now be represented by our own distinctive and individual personalities through apparel that expresses our love and passion for drums. Destroy A Drum Apparel is created to define our personality and sound as drummers and the way we each see, feel, and play rhythms differently not only in our performances but in our own individual heart, mind, and soul. We each carry the rhythm differently and in our own way that produces a one of a kind sound; therefore we create a wide variety of apparel to represent diverse and one of a kind personalities on and off the stage.

Destroy A Drum Apparel was created to represent how the rhythms we play have a personality and emotion in every swing, hit, and beat. From the intensity of heavy pounding fast rock, to the ambient swing of jazz, to the groove of rhythm and blues, and even in the steady beats of R&B/Pop; Destroy A Drum is made to represent all colors of rhythm and sound. Our purpose is to speak for the drummers that play with such intensity and passion that it's almost startling and we will always have their back to keep Destroying.


Destroy A Drum was inspired by a drummer pouring every ounce of heart and soul into the striking of a drum with intense passion and being constantly told, “You play too loud!”. Every time we sit behind a set of drums, we play like it's our last and express every single emotion through our passion and love for creating rhythms. We are an apparel brand that speaks volumes over "You play too loud!" and create designs to "Give The Drummer Some" without having to physically play a single note. Every drum related design is created to represent our love for performing with every ounce of heart and soul that we can possibly express through Destroying a drum. 

We believe Destruction is a form of creation; when you Destroy one objective you create another and the cycle continues till we are our own individual best. Our products are made to inspire and motivate the passionate ones that aim to Destroy what's in front of them in order to create a better tomorrow. We strive to create apparel that can speak for your one of a kind personality and passion, no matter what it is. Destroy A Drum is not just a clothing company, it is an entity bigger than all of us. We wouldn't be where we are today without our entire team of supporters, friends, and family from all corners of the earth. We created this company to motivate all walks of life to follow their true passion, represent your passion, and to inspire everyone to always give it your all for anything you are devoted to DESTROY.

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