For concerns of any kind please feel free to contact our direct lines at anytime during normal business hours. Ideas for creating an ingenious product are always welcomed. We take supportive suggestions for growing as a business and enhancing the company to better provide you with superior service and products. If you feel like you have what it takes to join the team as a Destroy A Drum illustrator, digital designer, model, or photographer; please submit your work portfolio through the email contact. If you feel the need to get in direct and immediate contact, don't hesitate to use our personal contact line below.

Endorsement Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Destroy A Drum Artist. This application looks into categories like examples of your professional profile and experience. This includes CDs, albums, studio work, videos featured in, band press kit, social media presence, tour itinerary, and other endorsements if applicable. We look into the personal profile of the endorsee to accurately examine their wants and needs of the company, and make certain they correlate within our mission statement and future as a world-wide company.

We are proud to represent and support any artist from across the globe. With an endorsement the artist will receive products that he or she believes are the best in supporting and representing their voice and passion for anything they pursue in life. If this application is in your personal interest and you feel you can represent Destroy A Drum with passion and dedication and we can represent your voice and aspirations; please submit a professional artist resume to the CEO's contact line.

Media & Design Team

Stylist & Designer
 Levi Guzman | 361-765-5294 | Portfolio
Photographer, Videographer, Film Maker
Jake Gonzales | 361-960-0701