As an ambassador you are embodying the brand & what we stand for to inspire others to follow their true passion. We pride ourselves as a brand connecting with people who are passionate for anything in life. We have a specific selection process for choosing Destroy A Drum Ambassadors & review all profiles. We actively look for those that are honest, can convey their enthusiasm for Destroy A Drum, & stay motivated to spread the word. Special items will be sent out for promotional events & as a team our passion will be noticed worldwide. Becoming a Destroy A Drum Ambassador makes you apart of the Destroy A Drum Family; a lifelong relationship that is built upon confidence within one's self & honor to represent a brand that instills passion for every single person. We are an army of passion driven friends & our goal is for the entire world to know the name
Destroy A Drum


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If interested in becoming a Destroy A Drum Ambassador please submit a request to our contact email


We offer custom apparel and designs for schools, marching bands, front ensembles, and retail stores. We can combine the Destroy A Drum logo in special color combinations with your name and logo and suit them to your exact specifications. Turnaround time is usually 3-5 weeks after designs and payments have been made. Prices vary based on quantity of shirts, fabric, and colors. Contact us for a digital mock up and quote. 


Destroy A Drum strives to be known across the world by supporting businesses and prospering the local music scene. As part of developing as a business and helping others grow, Destroy A Drum exclusively partners with music stores, record shops, bands, drum shops, and apparel related companies. With each business or band we partner with, our mission is to help one another progress and cultivate within the community & beyond.

We work together to expand our online market by strategically magnifying social media outlets and creating a stronger online and physical presence through one another's diverse following. Examples of a partnership include selected product carried at the business's store, a pop-up shop being located at the band's shows/business location, and product being reviewed by drum related companies. We work hard to promote and support all businesses and bands partnered with Destroy A Drum so that we are all successful in what we aim to acomplish. If interested in a partnership with Destroy A Drum please contact us through the personal contact line.


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