Surfing: 6 Years

Performance On Drums: 13 Years 

Destroy A Drum: Did you surf or start playing drums first? 

C.S: "I started surfing around 3rd or 4th grade, I did it off and on over the years but it wasn't till after high school I took it more serious and caught the "bug". I definitely caught my first wave before I started drumming, and that kind've paved the road for drumming to come into play afterwards. Although I started surfing first it was very off and on so that's why I have been drumming longer. The biggest aspect of that would be how both passions collaborated within each other and when I wouldn't surf, drumming was always there. Having a passion for both was a very big factor and influenced me to strive to do either one as much as I possibly could." 

Destroy A Drum: How did you start playing drums and what or who influenced you to start surfing? 

C.S: "When I would watch my cousin play drums back in the day when I was about 12 or 13 that's when I knew playing drums was what I wanted to do. When he would sit behind the drums and play it gave me an incredible and indescribable feeling. When I would watch him play drums it was unlike anything I had done before then, and at that moment I knew I had to start playing drums. I also come from a family with a quite a few musicians and was always influenced with music in multiple ways. I've always been around music and it's one of the main reasons I picked up the sticks and got a feel for drums. My dad was a surfer and would take my sister and I out and taught us very early on. That's a main reason why surfing was my first passion and has stuck with me even when it's been off and on for me." 

Destroy A Drum: Out of the two entities which one came easier to grasp? 

C.S: "I'm not too sure which one came easier. They both had their challenges at first but it's like anything in life, you just have to put the time in. Especially with those two passions I have had to put in the time to understand them both in their different elements. I've come to understand the nature of playing drums by myself and then with a band, then when I'm on the board riding the waves it's a total different feeling and understanding of yourself and the elements at hand. You have to put yourself in each situation and learn from it, most of all the mistakes you make within those two entities can sometimes be very drastic. Things can go wrong within both like playing a live show and forgetting a part and the band turning around and giving you that look, then while surfing you could not be paying attention and one wrong move and you're eating it. I would say in both you have to constantly learn from your mistakes and grow as both a performer/drummer and surfer. Each is its own entity but both are passion driven to the best of my ability." 

Destroy A Drum: How did your passion for drums influence your passion for surfing or even vice versa? 

C.S: "I would say I was more passionate about drums and playing music, but now it's changed. I am very passionate about both and feel that I have a better understanding of both. I seriously love drumming and surfing, and having those two passions puts me into another world. Beyond the regular world of everyday things, drumming and surfing combined as my main passions in life have given me life in a lot of ways. There are so many things you can get from both and in a sense they can relieve a lot of frustration and at the same time give you the most peaceful frame of mind." 

Destroy A Drum: What makes you devote your time to surfing or drumming and do you spend time on one more than the other?

C.S: "I love both just as equal! It's hard to describe the feeling I get from both, it just feels amazing. I'm always pretty busy playing shows around town, and I surf any chance I get depending on the forecast and if there are waves. I feel I keep it pretty balanced, and for the most part they both provide an out of this world feeling. That's the greatest thing about having passion for something like drums and combining it with surfing, I am able to draw a feeling from both that is indescribable and they completely put me in my own element. Having multiple entities to drive your passion is a very important factor, especially in the case that sometimes you can't do one or another because of certain circumstances." 

Destroy A Drum: Would you say surfing and drumming has influenced you to push for more superior life goals and strive to make your passion for either entity a lifelong "job"? 

C.S: "Things have changed so much for me as for what I wanted to do as a career these past couple of years. Drumming and surfing have just given me different outlets to express myself and true passion. I'm totally fine as to just keeping both of them as something I enjoy and not a career. That's what makes it fun!" 

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