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"This is more than just a company, more than a community, it's a family. Whether you play drums or not the meaning of Destroy A Drum is to inspire people to Destroy any limitations for achieving their goals."
- Logan M.
"You guys are such an incredible company! You constantly are active with the drumming community & always work hard to show love & support to each & every corner of it! Your mottos & what you guys stand for align with everyone who has a passion. Your products can really be worn & represented by everyone! I'm proud to be an Ambassador for such a caring company!"
- Emma P.

"What I truly love about this company is that they compare themselves to musicians, in which they never put a limit to their creative capabilities because they believe that there is NO LIMIT. With this in mind, Destroy A Drum has made collections this past year for which I believe no other clothing company has done because they love connecting with their audience & artists, & it has definitely been reciprocated well this past year with sold out collections. Thank you Destroy A Drum for showing all of us that the SKY is the ULTIMATE LIMIT & keep on DESTROYING through 2020 and beyond."
- Victoria C.
"Destroy A Drum is an awesome clothing brand with a powerful message. It means a lot to be a part of a brand that tries to empower everyone no matter their gender, race, etc. The goal is to empower you to go out & make a difference. That's truly important & is why Destroy A Drum is on track to be an amazing brand."
- Eli N.
"Excellent quality drum apparel from an excellent company, created by some quality humans. Favorite thing about Destroy (other than of course their product) is their customer service!"
- Melanie S.

"For me, Destruction kinda describes my life. I had to Destroy the chains holding me back, Destroy the old beliefs, limitations, expectations, and loads of bridges in order to get to the place where I am now. There are many types of prisons; I carry mine wherever I go. BUT I'm learning to Destroy those walls. Isn't that what life's about? 'You're a girl, you're not supposed to play any instrument.' or 'You're a girl, you should be a doctor or something, learn maths and behave.' or 'You're a girl, be quiet and obey.' Fuck you all and watch me bang those drums as hard as possible until my hands bleed!!! Btw, my personal favorite is 'You're too loud, maybe try some yoga instead of drumming. Well, fuck off too. You'd be loud too if I were banging you."
- Zu
"I was honestly blown away by the quality & durability of Destroy A Drum Apparel. Not to mention the friendly service, care, & support they give drummers around the world. Proud to be an Ambassador to an amazing company."
- Troy I.
"I love this company due to its influence on any musician. They make me motivated to just do my thing every day & want to get better."
- Alex C.

"I never knew how exciting getting clothes would be until I received my first shirt from Destroy A Drum. From the amazing design, to the soft comfortable material. I never knew clothes could be so cool, especially for drummers! I now wear at least 1 Destroy A Drum item every show, guess you could say wearing the product is like a 'good luck charm' for me!"
- Richard H.

"Seriously loving my blue heather tee. Crazy soft, awesome color, and my favorite part is the huge logo on the back. So thankful for you guys!"
- Chris L.

"Hey guys, I wanted to say thanks for creating such an awesome and inspiring brand for fellow drummers and musicians! I wanted to share a personal testimony as to why your brand means to much to me! I’m a 24 year old drummer from NJ and I was born with cerebral palsy! At an early age I was told that I would never be able to walk, and I needed to do physical therapy everyday until I was 13. Once I turned 13 my physical therapist suggest I play the drums to help my leg strength, coordination and abilities. Fast forward 11 years later and drumming is my passion, I aspire to become a studio / touring drummer and help others find joy in drumming / music. Thanks for creating a brand that inspires people to destroy a drum, and also let go of any personal issues through music!"
- Billy A.
"I'm a Destroy A Drum Ambassador & I love it! I've had the chance to connect with percussionists all over the country & it's crazy to think about how I got here! At Destroy A Drum we believe that destruction is a form of art & creativity for all; that being unique & different is OKAY & APPRECIATED. Clothes here are CREATED WITH PASSION & TAILORED TO PERFORM! The idea of BEING YOURSELF is within every aspect of the brand & our community. So what I want to leave you with after reading this is to know that I want you to be you, for you, & that being different & causing change is one of the most beautiful things us humans can do."
- Addison L.

"Thank you so much for the gear guys! You really are an incredible company, and I was amazed by just how good your customer service was!"
- Abby B.
"The dedication Destroy A Drum has to their products & their consumers is amazing. I've never seen such passion from any company before. Soo proud to be an Ambassador!"
- Yolanda Y.

"The thing I like most about being involved with Destroy A Drum is not only the quality of their merch on both a craftsmanship level but also a style level, and the level of community that they offer. The way they endorse and shed light on people in the Destroy Family and help promote musicians from all walks of life is very inspiring and uplifting as a drummer!"
- Alex S.
"Without Destroy A Drum, I'd be left feeling like nothing would get better in my journey. As a part of this family I know that Destroying old is just what leads to creating new & better. Being welcomed into the Destroy A Drum community has been an amazing part of my year! Continues to inspire me to be better everyday!"
- Danelle B.
"I can say it a million times but you guys are the best! You constantly do your best to represent anyone from all corners of the drumming community regardless of who they are. On top of this you guys are very active too, making you guys one of the most interesting drum apparel companies out there! The team always has something new to post or announce & actively show so much love to each & every one of your customers. Finally, your motto & goal to inspire people to DESTROY & live with passion can align with anyone who is passionate for something so Destroy A Drum is literally for everyone. I'm so glad to be a part of your family & soo excited to see how you grow in the future! DESTROY!"
- Emma P. (2nd Testimony)

"I love Destroy A Drum because they show love & promote soo many different drummers wearing their gear around the world & the clothing is so sick!"
- Nico J.

"I appreciate you guys so much! You guys always reach out to me to see how I'm doing & how my products are! I love the quality of the shirts & the designs are insane! I can't wait for the new merch!"
- David R.

"Do you like to wear comfortable clothing? Do you enjoy a passion or craft that you like to pursue in your life? Then I have just the thing for you! Welcome to Destroy A Drum! I'm a Destroy A Drum Ambassador & I have been for almost a year now. You don't have to be a musician to wear Destroy A Drum & they represent more than just musicians by embodying ones passion & devotion for their craft & anything they pursue in life. Let me just say, it's some of the most comfortable clothing you could possibly wear. Not only are you putting on comfy clothing, you're representing your passion & what you love most when wearing THIS BRAND."

- Sierra L.

"I'm glad I found you guys & a community that thinks like I do, in their own ways. Ya'll put your feelings in what you do & Destroy with emotion. I knew I wasn't crazy for wanting to Destroy things, I absolutely adore what you guys stand for, what this brand wants to spread, & I'm more than honored to be able to help spread the word with all of my friends, family, & bandmates."
- Amanda M.
"Hey! So my name is Cora & I just wanted to extend my gratitude to your company, I'm in the Navy & I ordered a shirt from Destroy A Drum. I wanted to say thank you, because deployment makes you lose the love you have for your passions. I finally got my shirt & I appreciate the letter that came with it. THANK YOU. I will support Destroy A Drum & the Navy!"

- Cora E.

"What can I say, these guys are incredible. From the quality of their products to their customer service, some of the coolest people. I'm super excited for Destroy A Drum & their incredible new line of gear coming out! I have loved receiving your products throughout the year. Destroy A Drum is a very inclusive & supportive brand. I love the direction you all are going with in regards to your product line & I can't wait to get a glimpse of the new items. It's about time there's a clothing brand tailored for drummers! DESTROY!"
- Dylan M. 

"This company is very inspiring & has amazing apparel with so many great pieces. A quality brand that truly cares for it's people & stands for the great art of drumming! Can't wait to see what the future has to store & ready to see where the roads lead!"
- Thomas V.
"Hey guys! I really love your website, first of all your products are super dope! Wearing my Destroy Tee is the best feeling in the world. The website is a success and I think it's really cool to see the big picture of the products as they are very rad. I wouldn't say there are not enough products but sometimes it's difficult to get what you want because of the limited stock but all in all I really love that about the company and also these lovely letters which come with the packages!"
- Nick L.

"Drumming is the best outlet I have to cope with the daily struggles of life. I'm so happy that this company shares my passion & love for Destroying!!!"
- Brian H.

"Destroy A Drum gives a new meaning to the word 'Destroy'. They approach it with an entirely different outlook. People often look at Destruction as something negative; something to be feared. But this company reminds us that without Destruction, there is no growth. You can't build a stronger foundation without first Destroying your old one. Destruction brings an end to the past, but an opportunity for a greater beginning. This company encourages you to find your voice, grow in your passion, & most importantly Destroy The Norm. This new HIT HARD collection is about to be HUGE! This is hands down the best company out there! Comfortable & fashionable, clothes for every style!"
- Taylor R.

"This brand brings music & fashion together with pure emotion, energy, & passion. For that, I couldn't thank them enough for allowing me the opportunity to represent Destroyers everywhere as an Ambassador. Thanks guys!!"
- Joe S.

"I love being part of something in the drumming community where we're all connected in some way. It's cool knowing about all the other Ambassadors for the brand & getting to link up!"
- Zach P.

"This community is soo inspirational & most of all DESTROYS THE COMPETITION!!"
- Drew R.
"I absolutely LOVE the CLOTHES! Y'all really rock! The windbreaker is super legit, and the hat is amazing! Thank ya'll for the free beanie too! Super good company! Really appreciate ya'll!"
- Soren B.

"Hi my name is Haley, I'm a drummer out of New Mexico. I'm very passionate about drums & here's why, when I was 10 years old I was diagnosed with Scheuermanns Kyphosis. It's a spinal disease, I wore a back brace for about 2 years after my first surgery & I got 2 rods & 26 screws in my spine when I was 12 years old. I was very into sports & found another passion which was music! So that's where drums come into the picture, I've never let my challenges get in the way of playing drums. Years down the road I had my second surgery & now I have 4 rods & 28 screws. These challenges in life that I go through will never stop me but only make me keep pushing. That is why I love the company Destroy A Drum because it has inspiring meanings! I always want to inspire people to not give up on their dream of doing something that they love. I'm currently drumming in a band & when I'm on stage I forget all the pain & hard things I've been through & just let the beat take over." 
- Haley P.

"I love how you're keeping up with fashion & keeping clothing relevant & in style while repping drums which is my true love!"
- Imad C.

"This company is soo great! It's been super fun to be able to represent this company that has such good people working for it."
- Tanner W.

"I look forward to hearing all the amazing things this company does! Being an Ambassador for such a great company is such a fantastic opportunity for fellow percussionists. I cannot wait for HIT HARD to release!!"
- Kenzie T.

"Growing up I always wanted to play drums & I had this urge to play at all times. I never had a drumset & I never had the chance to be in the presence of any drums. I was fidgety & I would use anything as drumsticks. Now I have the privilege to be able to play whenever I want & I can express myself. I'm lucky to have found this art & to be able to show everyone that is interested how beautiful this art is. I absolutely love Destroy A Drum's motto. Destroy beautifully & Destroy in your own unique way."
- Amanda M. (2nd Testimony)

"I love the Destroy A Drum Family & being able to see the movement grow immensely! So don't miss out & be ready for the HIT HARD collection!"
- Jacob A.
"I'm soo happy to be a part of the family! It really means a lot to me. Looking forward to all the new stuff! In the meantime, I'll keep Destroying!"
- Femke W.

"As an Ambassador, I expanded my love for percussion & drums with Destroy A Drum. I am strongly proud to promote a growing community. I love sharing it with my friends & my guys at drumline. This release will be fire! Much love to all!"
- Jaysen V. (2nd testimony)
"Destruction usually has a negative connotation, while Destroy A Drum has brought a different perspective to the table: viewing it as beneficial, beautiful, bodacious, all the good b words. Destroying the OBSTACLES in front of you is where this presented definition comes from. I'm proudly repping their "Destroy The Norm" Tee, as I view the norm to be one of the most negatively proliferous obstacles. I view DESTROYING the norm to be one of the most beneficial things we as musicians can do. So, what does it mean? It means stepping out, finding your voice. It means practicing jazz, despite your 154 piece Neil Peart replica kit. It means mufflying, mic'ing, or tuning your kit in a way that you've never seen or heard before. It's standing out, instead of fitting in. Stand out & Destroy The Norm, the musician you become will even surprise yourself, I promise you. #DestroyTheNorm"
- Jonathan T.

"I love the tees, along with the prices & deals for all of the products!! Being an Ambassador for this company is so amazing & fun!"
- Kailey S.

"I'm soo stoked for this next collection Saving my bank account for it! ALWAYS TIME TO DESTROY"
- Jaysen V.

"I love being in a drumline with another Ambassador & being able to bond & share the message to DESTROY. This new collection is going to be big!"
- Tyler T.