This is our complete story on why we exist. It's not short, sweet, simple, or to the point. It explains the reason behind our name, answers your most frequent questions, & shows you what it means to live by THE DESTROY MOTTO.

We started playing drums in the craziest of places no one would dare take a drum set for the sake of playing where no one would be & disappearing into the sounds. Apparel was never the plan; it was what came from being lost & drums being the only way out. We wanted something to represent that feeling, & playing with real emotion - so hard it takes every last breath out of you. With designs & styles that speak for a wide variety of personalities, our apparel does that & more. Made for the TRUE DESTROYERS.

This is NOT the average clothing company that puts a drum set or pair of sticks on a shirt & makes the reader assume they are a drummer. Destroy A Drum is a Texas-based apparel company that speaks volumes for those with a daring, different, & distinctive personality. We represent a story behind each original design & style by keeping the onlooker guessing exactly what kind of person is wearing the brand & how that apparel represents their real character.


Destroy A Drum was inspired by a drummer pouring every ounce of heart & soul into the striking of a drum with intense passion & being told, “YOU'RE TOO LOUD!”. Every time we hold a pair of sticks or step foot on the marching field we perform like it's our last time, & express every single emotion possible through our love for creating rhythms. We are an apparel brand that creates designs to "GIVE THE DRUMMER SOME" by representing their personality & style on & off the stage.

We believe Destruction is a form of creation; when you Destroy one objective you create another & the cycle continues till we are our own individual best. The term "Destroy" relates to Destroying your current problems & barriers so you may prosper & continue to achieve your goals. Destroying can be experienced in many forms; whether you are working out to have a healthier lifestyle, striving to live a better life, or playing drums till your entire body is COMPLETELY DESTROYED.


We represent more than drummers or percussionists by embodying all individuals with a drive & devotion for their true passion. This company was created to show how Destroying can be represented in every walk of life & a positive force for developing as a person. No matter who you are, where you are from, or your passion, we support every human being dedicated to Destroying for the better.

We see Destruction as beauty, not in the usual negative connotation because in order to create something new you must Destroy what came before. We make products for anyone with a relentless desire for perfection in what they aim to accomplish & create in life. Our purpose is to inspire & motivate the ones that are determined to Destroy what's in front of them in order to become more than who they were yesterday & blossom into someone greater.


We each play differently & in our own way, therefore, we create a wide variety of apparel & designs to represent diverse & one of a kind Destroyers. Our designs are made to represent how the sounds we create have personality & emotion in every swing, hit, & beat. From the intensity of heavy pounding fast rock, to the ambient swing of jazz, to the groove of rhythm & blues, & in the steady beats of R&B/Pop; Destroy A Drum is a company made to represent all types of music & art forms, & to express the extreme passion behind every kind of percussive instrument.

We wouldn't be where we are today as a company without our entire family of Destroyers from all corners of the earth. Each one plays a part not just by repping their Destroy gear but also with living by our motto to become better people. We created this company to motivate all walks of life, inspire everyone to always give it your all towards your true passion, & live by the Destroy Motto to Destroy for the better.