Vater X Destroy Phat Ride Sticks

Every drummer that performs a wide mix of genres needs that one pair of sticks as their go-to for any type of gig. We were on the hunt for a specific combination in length, diameter, weight, and tip we could use for all performances that included a crazy mix of different styles of music and we finally landed on THE pair of all pairs of sticks with a name that is just as off the wall.

The PHAT RIDE stick has a quick taper to a medium-sized round tip which produces a clean sound on cymbals and makes for the most perfect snare rolls. Extremely versatile and playable with great balance that allows you to hit hard and kick back in the pocket with a powerful stick that packs a punch with complete control and a weight that doesn't drag you down. Perfect for flying around the kit at lightening fast speeds and cranking those arms back slamming down a hard smack on that snare (not responsible for destroyed snare heads).


  • Wood tip
  • Grip .580"
  • Length 16"
  • Satin Finish (no lacquer) 
  • Custom Destroy A Drum logo

If you would like your sticks hand signed by the CEO to you, please add that in the notes when placing your order.



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