Paragon Hoodie w/pockets

A special collaboration with Destroy A Drum Artist Cameron Carbone! Featuring a brand new set of logos and color combinations we've never done before. A unique "flood" blue to red color with no two fades being the same, each one will be one of a kind to the garment. This hoodie represents his passion on & off the stage; from his tattoo colors to his favorite past Destroy gear, we combined all the things he loves and created his own custom Paragon hoodie. Heathered style fleece with a matching drawcord, two individual pockets on each side, and a combination of cotton and polyester to keep you cool and comfortable while performing or just for an everyday outfit.

All of our pieces are screen printed & pressed by hand to make each one smooth, lightweight, & long-lasting even for designs with the most ink. Apparel tags are hand-cut & all textiles receive a custom WASH WHEN DESTROYED inside print so you're always reminded to smell good while Destroying. You might NEVER take this hoodie off but be sure to bathe every once in awhile.


  • 7.4 oz. 
  • Unisex Fit
  • Custom Inside Tag
  • Side-seamed and set-in collar
  • 60/40% with cotton and polyester
  • We recommend our products be washed cold to ensure the quality lasts longer


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