Vater X Destroy Fatback 3A

You know when you need a stick that can handle those mean stick heights when you come slamming down on that snare? Something that won't snap in half 3 songs into a set? Your go-to sword for fighting all the biggest battles, these are the ones you need.

We wanted a stick that could stand up to a lethal amount of power, something with a sturdy shoulder and neck with a rounded barrel tip that gives you more volume. The weight is perfect for a variety styles of drumming, the thick neck makes them extra durable, the round tip gets the perfect sound out of cymbals, and the length gives you plenty of reach.


  • Wood tip
  • Grip .590"
  • Length 16"
  • Custom Destroy A Drum logo

If you would like your sticks hand signed by the CEO to you, please add that in the notes when placing your order.



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