Vater X Destroy GS-Fusion Sticks

"I don't know what stick to use" - "I keep finding sticks either too short or too light" - "I need a blend of my favorite sticks". Well you just found the one that everyone was telling us to make so we tried them ourselves and we can confirm these sticks have it allllllllll and then some.

The GS-Fusion is everyone's favorite and most in-demand size. It's in between a 5A and 5B in the grip like Vater's popular Fusion model, but with the extra length that the Gospel Series brings. Very responsive and suitable for all applications and styles. If you're unsure of a stick and what to try next, this is your next stick. The perfect length and diameter combination that makes it fit for any type of drummer and any genre you can think of putting it to the test with.


  • Wood tip
  • Grip .580"
  • Length 16 1/2"
  • Satin Finish (no lacquer) 
  • Custom Destroy A Drum logo

If you would like your sticks hand signed by the CEO to you, please add that in the notes when placing your order.



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